Cassette Kids – ‘Acrobat’

Nov 1st, 2008
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In the same way that some fans recall the first time they saw AC/DC play live, I’ll never forget the night I stumbled across Cassette Kids. Picture the gig room of Oxford Arts Factory packed to the rafters with punters; all eager to see which band would ultimately play V Festival in 2008. It’s the finals of the ‘Garage to V’ competition, and Katrina Noorbergen, six foot something and all messy blonde hair, walks on the stage. I’m wondering precisely when models become rock singers, in the grand scheme of things. The girls around me are all gazing enviously at Noorbergen’s outfit, a combination of shiny tights and oversized white shirt, probably wanting to kill her for pulling it off so effortlessly. But as the band hit their stride and Katrina starts belting out Acrobat , the crowd goes into an awe-induced silence. In unison, the indie kids begin dancing around like they’re at a Slipknot concert. Arms and legs are flying everywhere and the intensity is at an all-time high…

Excited yet? You should be.

Fast forward and Cassette Kids have contracts with Modular (cool as fuck) and SonyBMG (richer than fuck), which puts them in the unique position of being able to write interesting music and get it played in all the right places. Oh, and they supported the Presets on their last national tour, which kind of gives them instant hipster cred. Given Sony’s spectacular run this year, what with The Ting Tings, Kings Of Leon (who, four albums in, apparently merit being played on commercial radio) and the ever-annoying MGMT, Cassette Kids might be the indie kids to set Australia on fire. They’ve got the look and the sound, now all they need is to tour the shit out of this mini record they’ve got out until they hate the songs so much that they go in and craft some more. On a personal note, while Katrina may look and sound like a scary motherfucker, she’s actually very sweet and totally deserving of all the media accolades being heaped upon her band lately. For fans of Bloc Party, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and any other group who make you want to rock and and dance, possibly at the same time.

Cassette Kids – ‘Acrobat’ [Album Version]

Cassette Kids’ new music video. Do not get freaked when Katrina turns into a hologram. That shit is completely normal.

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