The Virgins – ‘One Week Of Danger’

Mar 27th, 2009
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This lolly shop was subsequently closed for quarantine purposes…

For the record, I did not want to like this band. That’s mainly because I heard one of their tracks on the OMFGG soundtrack (that’s ‘Original Music From Gossip Girl’ to you. And it was for my sister, alright?) and it was so damn catchy that I knew they were in danger of becoming one of those hipster bands I’d have to see remixes off a gazillion times without ever getting the album. Turns out I was partly true. To date I have heard more re-workings of this band’s music that I have original tracks. That’s until my kindly editor shot me the album, and shit began to change.

Oh, and side note. Also didn’t want to like these guys as I think they might be part of the Josh Schwartz conspiracy to inadvertedly change the music I listen to. Don’t laugh – how many of you had heard of The Kaiser Chiefs, Beck, Interpol, Aqueduct or Nada Surf before The O.C? Not friggin many, I bet. The Virgins, having now featured on Gossip Girl (another Schwartz invention) are probably going to be in his newest series, Rockville, CA, already looking at being the worst thing to hit Australian TV, well, never. But still. I don’t like famous kids who are millionaires before I’ve even had sex (that should be past tense, but you get the picture) Ergo, The Virgins, ohmigod irony, should be the pits.

They’re not though, obviously. If they were, we’d be starting up a new blog where we show you shit music we don’t like so you can seek out the opposite. But that’s just way too much work for me on a Friday afternoon. Take solace in this small fact – althought the Virgins write annoyingly addictive music that will almost definitely be on high rotation for the next few months, they are ludicrously UGLY. Like, not even hot ugly, not indie hipster ugly (though they do try), just plain ugly. I am not one to judge on appearances. Plenty of ugly people get famous – just look who WALE has ended up collaborating with. But when they write this kind of snappy post-wave pre-punk funk-shui groove stuff, you just kind of expect them to be looking like The Strokes (all super good looking) or Interpol (all super trendy), therefore making you feel even worse for being mediocre at everything. It’s kind of nice knowing that a band called The Virgins may actually comprise of some virgins, despite the fact that their music makes me want to rip my clothes off and attack the closest inanimate object .

So yeh. Ugly Virgins write Sexy Music. It’s a win-win, really.

The Virgins – ‘One Week Of Danger’

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