Cassette Kids – ‘Freaky Sweetie’ [Exclusive]

Aug 26th, 2009
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Posing in train stations is a totally underrated phenomenon…

Yes, I’m biased. Seeing as I’ve always had a soft spot for Sydney’s spiky Cassette Kids, it’s likely this post won’t exactly consider the innumerable benefits of other songs released today. I’ve already given y’all a backgrounder when we spoke about Acrobat a while back, but since then the CK gang have moved on to bigger and better things, namely, a bigger and better record label. Whilst Modular have the finger on the pulse, they’re not all that good at reminding themselves why that pulse worked once it has moved on. Seeing as Katrina and the boys, two of whom are named Dan, have smoothed out the edges and transformed into the party band of the year, they don’t really fit that ‘indie trendoid’ aesthetic anymore. Well, not by the sounds of this, anyway.

‘Freaky Sweetie’ is a nice piece of candy. It’s like an early Yeah Yeah Yeah’s track fronted by Karen O after she stopped throwing up at concerts and fighting with the audience. The vocals are also sung, rather than screamed, which brings an interesting new texture to the previously incendiary Cassette Kids dynamic. Front woman Katrina tells me it’s a download only single, and they’re actually prepping their first official cut for release sometime soon. Which gives me the impression that this might not even be the best stuff they’ve got in store. This is tres exciting. The guitarist has really taken over the sonics of the band; there’s great elastic basslines and some snaky little phaser bits. I dig it, and see this being played in every General Pants store before the end of the month. It’s got enough sting to get everybody in disproportionately small denims shaking down Gould St. Good on Sony, too, for getting behind a young band without smashing them into a pre-determined sound model like so many majors do.

PS: Check the chorus:

“You are creepy/Freaky sweetie”

Either that’s a new term of endearment or someone’s got a stalker…

Cassette Kids – ‘Freaky Sweetie’

Surrender your details and you can get your own copy of the track, for a limited time right here.

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