La Roux – I’m Not Your Toy (DatA Remix)

Aug 22nd, 2009
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Ok, Ok. Already got your Tilda fill for the day? Wish the red-headed one would just take your uzi bullet and give up pretending she was bulletproof? Wondering why Shirley Manson has been muscled out of the androgyny by this poseur? Blogs cramming this synth-pop stuff down your gullet non-stop? We’ve all had enough La Roux to last us a life time. Which is why, on my part at least, I am making this pledge to you: after this (interesting and thus posted) DatA remix, I will never mention Tilda Swinton or her vocalist alter-ego Elly Jackson or use the phrase ‘going in for the kill’ or anything of the sort, for as long as I live. Cross my heart, hope to die, cherry on top and no crossed fingers or anything. Will you hold me to it? It is a killer phrase…

La Roux, being the blog and extended cyberspace darlings that they are, get a remix treatment probably as often as Ashton Kutcher gets himself a new twitter follower (which is to say; surely more often than he gets sex with his geriatric, botoxed-out Demi Moore of a wife). Remixes are hard to kind of sift through. Sure, you can pick out the big names and hope for the best. MSTRKRFT generally does a good job – often a better job than on their original work, frighteningly. A Bag Raiders overhaul is also generally a step in the right direction while anything by Grant Smiley and his Ministry cronies can be swiftly overlooked. The more difficult proposition comes in discerning which of the multitude of lesser-known home-baked DJs out there is worthy of a spin. In this realm, big names mean nothing. Past hits mean nothing. Industry cred means nothing. It’s about picking the right track, extracting the best bits and achieving the right composition. Mission accomplished DatA.

This lad, listed as living in Hollywood (but I’m not so sure – who actually lives in Hollywood) has taken an impressive strings-and-Justice approach to what is one of the British duo’s slower, less impressive tracks. Replacing the midi-esque sounds of Ben Langmaid (no offence Benny) with a slightly more orchestral, certainly more expansive soundscape, DatA has breathed new life into this track. Particular mention must be made of the brave move to do a bit of down-tempo key/string work around the 2′ mark – not something that DJs usually pull off very well. Generating suspense with a bit of a moody swing surely takes more skill than dropping the beat out for four bars only to (surprise!) bring it back in even heavier! Yes; Guetta, you know what I’m talking about. Anyway, props to DatA and props to the last posting on La Roux. Ever. (Maybe). Ha!

La Roux – I’m Not Your Toy (DatA Remix)

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