Christina Milian – ‘AM to PM’ vs. Miike Snow – ‘Silvia’

Jun 7th, 2010
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Look, nobody likes Mondays less than I do. I only go to University at 4 in the afternoon (seriously, what kind of whack scheduling is that?) and spend the rest of the day thinking about how I could have made my weekend better. In order to make myself feel like it actually still is the weekend, I play horribly addictive pop songs from the the 90s and dance around my room in Ugg boots. Y’all should check that out sometime. this particular song has been getting high rotation because a) I forgot it existed for like, a decade and b) I now know who wrote it and that is somewhat important.

Bloodshy & Avant (above), they’re two Swedish dudes, who, like pretty much everyone in that country who doesn’t work for IKEA, write songs and then sell them to megastars. The only reason I happen to know this is that I interviewed the singer from Miike Snow last week, and during research I found out that the other 2/3rds of the band were actually these guys. So there you have it. The same guys who penned Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’ were responsible for ‘Animal’, ‘Burial’ and ‘Silvia’. Bet you don’t feel so indie now.

Christina Milian, as I remember her, was this really attractive Latin-American singer with a killer body. Turns out she still is. ‘Am to Pm’ is one of those songs that really typify the 90s power-pop renaissance. If you could convert all the audio optimisation software used on this track into gold, you’d be rich. Bloodshy & Avant (who also write for Kylie, Madonna, Kelis and J.Lo) clearly did well enough out of it to recruit an American and write the European tribal dance music that’s currently up there on the Internets. The more I listen to Miike Snow, the more I can hear how much of an influence Christian Karlsson (Bloodshy) and Pontus Winnberg (Avant) have on not only their tunes but indeed contemporary music in general. They’re always one step ahead of trends, without fully selling out and writing crap like fellow Swede Max Martin has been known to do (though, with an output like his, you’d expect that). Such great drum sounds, such awesome choruses. There’s even that keyboard line underneath it which sounds like a worm wriggling through a flanger. This is a very good pop song, and it’s Monday, so I feel absolutely no guilt subjecting you all to it.

Christina Milian – ‘AM to PM’

Compare and contrast:
Miike Snow – ‘Silvia’

More Snowed-in production here.

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