Ernest Ellis – ‘Loveless’

Jun 9th, 2010
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Ernest Ellis is an Sydney singer-songwriter whose virtues have been extolled previously on this here blog by one of our guest posters. But with the impending release of his first full-length, Hunting, which both Seidbros have heard and decided that we very much like, it’s time we had a look at the young fellow a bit more closely. He’s the tall one in the photo, in case you were wondering.

On the phone this morning, Ellis told me that he disappeared to the Blue Mountains (read: the transcendentalist’s dream) for a month by himself to write the songs. “Everyone’s been asking me if it was like what he [Justin Vernon] did with Bon Iver. Don’t get me wrong, I love that album, but that’s not really what it was all about. I rally needed to get away from the city.” The fresh air, solitude and Leura Lolly Shop seem to have agreed with him, because the songs on Hunting don’t really sound like they could have been written in some studio in a bustling metropolis. There’s a lot of space, but also a lot of introspection, and some very, very good lyrics. All in all, for an Australian artist who’s not getting plugged nearly as much as he should be, Ellis’ turn as a hermit seems to have served him quite well.

‘Loveless’ is the opener on the album and also the new single for Ernest Ellis. People have described it as a ‘one man Temper Trap’, and while I can see how those comparisons may fit, this really does come at it from a different angle. Says Ernest: “I don’t like music that is just easy. ‘Easy listening’ is probably the worst tag in the world to me. I like, for lack of a better term, death in music. I don’t know why but my lyrics tend to go down that road.” Loveless is no ‘Sweet Disposition’, then. Actually, think of it as ‘Sweet Disposition’ as written by Nick Cave and performed by late-era Johnny Cash. Deliciously dark. This is just a taste of how good the album is. If you’re on Facebook, you can stream the whole thing over the next week right here. Enjoy it. E(a)rnestly.

Ernest Ellis – ‘Loveless’

More Ernest Ellis here.


Nothing about this particular post, but still. I just wanted to acknowledge that you actually write – and quite passionately I might add – about music on this blog. Most blogs you’ll find nowadays just post some random mp3 with hardly any description (great tune – check it out, yo). Just stumbled on this blog via google search and it impressed me a lot.


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