Flight Facilities – Crave You Ft Giselle

Jun 8th, 2010
| posted by: David |

There is something immediately infuriating and yet, strangely, gradually impressive about constraining your online presence such that it takes me more then 5 minutes of trawling/surfing (depending on speed of Internet) to find out a) where you’re from, b) what you’re good at or c) how I can get a legal copy of your music. If you are able to frustrate my efforts in any of those three categories, you’re doing a pretty good job at keeping low profile. If, like Flight Facilities, you’ve managed to do all three at once (haha! I soon found that indeed, as your MySpace page claimed, you were not from Trinidad and Tobago!) and keep me scratching my head and squinting my eyes for a further 60-100 seconds, either you are so cool that you don’t even belong on the Internet or you’re a bit of a dropkick who hasn’t yet mastered his/her 56kbps modem.

In the case of Flight Facilities, I’m hoping that they fit very snuggly into that former category of anti-Internet freaks. With such an expectation of instant gratification now underpinning society at large, I found it oddly satisfying to finally get my hands on this straight radio edit of their first official single (on Bang Gang 12″ Records) after having waded my way through not less then five remixes of the track which varied on the scale of bad to atrocious. This pure unadulterated version, however, is the shit. It’s a pretty easy song, now that I reflect on it, with maybe two chords running through the whole thing, a bit of a fun handclap and some simple, simple lyrics but, as with all good things, the Flight Facilities crew pull off simplicity with startling ease and impressive results.

So what do I now know, after a day of procrastination fueled mostly by a typically teleological search for some more detail about these captains of enigma? Basically, Flight Facilities are two lads who, supposedly, are aeronautical engineers at Sydney Airport (defs sounds like a lie), have done a couple of covers of Sneaky Sound System and Bag Raiders to date and then WHAM! come out with nineteen year-old Melbourne songstress Giselle Rosselli (cue self-deprecation: man, what the fuck have you, as a twenty year old, done?) all over this track to outrageously chilled, alternatively loungey effect. Late this afternoon, considering the minimalist sound I got a bit cynical and started thinking that maybe, like The xx that minimalism was borne out of an actual musical ineptitude. Now, later on in the evening, I’ve cast those doubts aside. They may be airport engineers, she may be nineteen years old and it may be difficult as hell to find online but ‘Crave You’ might just have become the soundtrack to my winter.

Flight Facilities – Crave You Ft Giselle

Get Flighty, here.




Giselle grew up in Sydney, but studies in Melbourne. She is also a major babe and total talent. Kudos for the good review.


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