Weezer – ‘The World Has Turned And Left Me Here’

Nov 17th, 2010
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It’s no secret that moping is an activity best enjoyed by oneself, but what most people don’t realise is how incredibly useful it is for writing and thinking creatively. Having spent the better part of the last three weeks stuck in the same, post-University, job-hunting-and-failing routine, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that my ability to tease out the inner workings of my navel have increased tenfold. I’ve also done a lot more reading, of books, online articles, Interview magazine, and random pieces from the Villiage Voice about Nicki Minaj, Andrew W.K. and of course, Weezer’s main man, Rivers Cuomo. In ‘The Ugliest American’, Cuomo’s bizarrely alienating second album, Pinkerton, is decoded and picked apart by a writer who clearly has nothing better to do with his time than note the guy’s Buddhist habits and propensity to collaborate with hip-hop stars. Cuomo, notes the writer,

…is a new and totally contemporary version of a rock star. This was a guy who was born in an ashram in 1970 and was a super-successful musician by 1993 in part because he was a nerd—because he was more interested in daydreaming about romance than fucking, because he sang about Dungeons & Dragons. By 1996, he was telling girls to strip in his hotel room; by 2006, he was graduating from Harvard while meatheads screamed his songs at karaoke bars.

What have I learnt from this piece? That life changes in the most mysterious of ways, and that the songs or articles you may write about people beating you up may eventually be sung by those very same brand of people. I’ve also learned that even though American media is also undergoing some sort of seismic change whereby everyone assumes readers are running for the electronic hills of the Internet, somewhere in New York there are tons of editors who still commission think pieces like this that are more interesting than anything I’ve ever been allowed to write in this country. Seriously, to write something like this for a newspaper, a magazine, or even a magazine’s website in Australia, I’d have to successfully answer the following questions:

1. Who’s paying us for it?
2. What’s being released, and are they on tour right now?
3. Have they made the news for one of those crazy YouTube stunts that all the kids like lately?
4. Can we tie it in with advertising?

That article is about the re-release of Pinkerton, the messy, angst-y sophomore album Rivers Cuomo has said he hates on record and that nobody in the entire world with the possible exception of my friend Jacob Gordon liked the first time around. How great is that? It’s about music for music’s sake, it’s a character analysis, it’s freedom and you know what else, it’s fucking interesting to read. Last week OAD faves Hungry Kids Of Hungary closed a ridiculously sweaty set with a killer cover of Weezer’s ‘Buddy Holly’, which got me thinking I should listen to more of their self-titled Blue Album. I often fantasise about ways to tame my unruly Itunes library, which currently sits at some 50,00 songs and is the continual bane of my existence for hiding the music I haven’t heard in ages whilst continuously offering me up stuff I never should have added to it whenever I attempt to put it on shuffle. Stuck at the letter ‘W’, Weezer have had a rough time of it, despite the fact that I love almost every song on the blue album. To temporarily solve this problem, I have put the bastard in reverse-alphabetical order. That’s accounts for my White Stripes post the other day, and why I am currently booming loads of Zero 7, Zutons, Yuksek and Yves Klein Blue.

Moping, yeah, it’s awesome. I’ve written six drafts of the same short story I’ll never finish, printed enough resumes off to kill an Amazonian rainforest (wait, do those even exist anymore?) so I could hand them into fashion stores I’d rather die than work in and spent innumerable hours running around my room rocking out to the abandoned loser-rock of Weezer. ‘The World Has Turned And Left Me Here’, in additon to being a song title that actually lives up to what it says on the box, makes me feel slightly less pathetic if only because I’ve never spoken to a wallet photograph of an ex-girlfriend, patently because I don’t even have a wallet that can carry coins and because it vindicates my belief that artists who struggle long enough actually end up being commercially viable, if only at the expense of some Village Voice writer rifling through their garbage to write a story. This song has the kind of acoustic-electric, alt-rock aesthetic that reminds me of watching American Pie as a thirteen year old and laughing at Jason Biggs rather than laughing at myself.

But hey, the world spins on its axis, right? It’ll be back for me in no time.

Weezer – ‘The World Has Turned And Left Me Here’

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