Bastille – ‘Falling’

May 8th, 2012
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This here is a guest post by Sneha Dave, who falls as rapturously in love with new music as we do. You should check out her personal blog here.

Every now and then a song comes along that changes my life. You would think this would be a common occurrence, as much of my life revolves around discovering new music. But the change I am referring to is actually quite rare. It spirals out of a tune that has the ability to shake you to your core – if you’ll let it. As you listen, there is an almost a perceptible stir in the air that prompts a profound chain reaction of emotions, commanding utter stillness, as even the tiniest slither could impede the wonderful flow of music. The only physical movement occurring is from the gentle vibrations of your auricular hairs (look that shit up) responding to the heavenly sounds emanating from a source that no longer matters. In essence, it is a song that speaks directly to your soul and inspires you to elaborate in the corniest way possible on how said song can change your life. And the band that had this effect on me most recently was up and coming London natives, Bastille.

More famously known for being a fortress in Paris, Bastille is the moniker adopted by singer-songwriter Dan Smith and his three piece band. Emerging on the scene late last year as Smith’s solo project; he set tongues wagging with his indie-pop interpretation of City High’s R&B classic, ‘What Would You Do’. Returning with a band in tow for his live gigs; earlier this year he released a free mix-tape appropriately titled, Other People’s Heartache that blew me away. A glorious seven track amalgamation of poignant movie quotes and original’s fused with an array of heartbreak themed covers; saving the best till last, I really lost it over the final track, ‘Falling’, which features the vocal contributions of To Kill A King’s front-man Ralph Pelleymounter who hands down wins the competition for best surname in the history of Planet Earth.

As a true child of pop culture, I can accurately measure my life in the multiple television shows, movies, books and music that have shaped me as a person. No other movie has had more of an impact than John Hughes’ masterpiece, The Breakfast Club. Meanwhile, watching David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, arguably one of the best TV shows of all time left me feeling like a different person. ‘Falling’ manages to encapsulate the deep message ingrained at the heart of both of these treasures – love. Commencing with the familiar eerie tones of the Twin Peaks intro soundtrack, the song elevates with one of the most sincere conversations from The Breakfast Club, that ultimately relays“… When you grow up your heart dies…” In my opinion, this is hands down the most touching and honest quote from any John Hughes movie ever. The fact that it’s perfectly layered over Twin Peaks has me rubbing my hands with glee every time I listen. This beautifully haunting intro perfectly transitions to the rest of the song, which is an acoustic mash-up of Bastille’s original tracks ‘Laura Palmer’ (explaining the Twin Peaks reference, assuming you weren’t born after the age of Super Nintendo) and ‘Overjoyed’. Whether you’re a fan of these screen gems or not, Smith’s heartfelt chant of “This is your heart, can you feel it?” combined with angelic wails of “falling”, creates a very unique experience.

In my hunt to track down Bastille’s original versions, I unfortunately discovered that their Laura Palmer EP is not distributed in Australia. This actually makes me furious and displays the hypocritical nature of the music industry. Illlegal downloads are treated like the plague, yet in instances like this they won’t just shut the fuck up and take my money. There is no logical, or otherwise, explanation for this that I will accept. All music should be available for those that want to buy it. Luckily, the best things in life are free, and Bastille’s ‘Falling’ is no exception.

Take control of the remote and turn up the volume.

Bastille – ‘Falling’

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