Leisure Suite – ‘Haze’

Oct 19th, 2014
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Certain acts I only have to hear once for less than two minutes to realise that I’m going to love them. The last two times I can recall having had this experience recently was with inc. and Memoryhouse, two very different but equally dreamy acts from opposite sides of the Atlantic. Leisure Suite, a new act out of Melbourne now make it three. Somewhere between an ’80s lounge groove and a modern bunch of chillers, Leisure Suite not only have the name to match their aesthetic but an EP out this month that features four very good songs.

Bridgette Le, Google and a press release has informed me, is the name of the vocalist here. It’s a name probably worth remembering – you do it please, I’m terrible with names – because she has one of those really interesting approaches to melody. At first blush, it seems like her voice is too big for the warm synths, hissing V-hats and echoing guitars that make up the accompaniment. It’s brassy and swooning in all the right places, and though she doesn’t always go for the dangerous high notes you really want her to, it’s definitely a sign of what’s to come. She’s got a lovely head voice too, which she flutters in and out of in the run up to the chorus.

Melbourne is experiencing somewhat of a lounge revival, with this track spilling off the release of Andras & Oscar’s Cafe Romantica release last week. Certainly the town that birthed Cut Copy and Midnight Juggernauts is no stranger to downtempo electronica, but this feels different. The production is tight, but it sounds more bar than club. While the band seems to sit on the same progression throughout, this gives Le ample space to explore some interesting dissonant melodies and layer her vocal until the song takes on a rather uneasy character in the back thirty seconds. I like this because it shows that Leisure Suite are not just there to be a throwback act with a Macbook making life easy for themselves. They’re channelling a particular sound, but they’re also innovating harmonically within it.

This is a fun suite to be in. Join me.

Leisure Suite – ‘Haze’

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