‘Recredited’ by Frames

Recredited by Frames on Mixcloud

When we told Frames that we wanted an original disco mix that sounded like nothing else out there, the man really dug deep. Recredited is an hour-long, summer afternoon live mix comprised entirely of edits and covers from Frames’ extensive vinyl collection. Known to his mates as Andrew Boon, Frames is a fixture on the electronic circuit in this city. He co-hosts Frequency on FBI Radio, DJs all weekend under his own moniker and has serious remix cred, having recently taken out first place in Architecture In Helsinki’s remix competition and attracting international attention for his re-edit of Kylie Minogue’s ‘Slow’.

Here’s Frames on three of his favourite cuts from the phenomenal mix you’re listening to right now:

Kylie Minogue – ‘Slow’ (Frames & Felix Lloyd Edit)
Secretly, I think we all have a soft spot for a pop starlet. You might hate out loud on Gaga, you might loathe Beyonce in public (NB: I refuse to believe that anyone can truly hate Rihanna) but secretly I dont think you can hate everything they’ve ever done, ever. There’s usually one redeeming factor in their catalogue that everyone (or at least I) can appreciate and when my good pal Felix Lloyd approached me to literally ‘edit’ Kylie to her more easily playable in a club, I flipped it on him and went with the whole rewrite approach when I realised just how good her vocals are.

‘Slow’ is sexy, it’s simple and most of all it seems to walk this line of accessibility versus credibility – it works at every kind of party I get to play at, from nightclubs to BBQs, house parties to bars… I’m super happy with how it turned out and it’s getting a really exciting response across the world thanks to old mate “The Internet” – you can grab a copy for free on my soundcloud.

Paradis – ‘La Ballade de Jim’
When Tim Sweeney finally revealed who had the chops to represent his beloved Beats In Space in the form of their first ever 12″, I was mighty surprised that Paradis (a french duo I had never heard of before now) got to do the honours. But as soon as he played this impeccable cover of Alain Souchon’s ‘La Ballade de Jim’, I fell in love. French vocals somehow ooze class over classy Rhodes pianos and hi-hats in all the right places. This 12″ will be huge for me over the daylight-savings allure of Sydney’s summer – grab it now, the A-side is also impeccable.

Oliver Tank – ‘Beautiful’
I’m only just now discovering the joys of Snoop Dogg at the ripe old age of 23, and when a friend of mine played me this cover by fellow Sydney-sider Oliver Tank I was instantly smitten.

Beautiful (Snoop Dogg cover) feat. Fawn Myers by Oliver Tank

While I could write entire blog posts on why Oliver Tank will be huge in just a short amount of time thanks to his incredibly beautiful soundscapes and echos of James Blake,, lets all just take a breathe and hit the rewind button on this cover for the third time instead. It’s spare yet intricate, complex yet simple and yet above all stands on it’s own two feet as something entirely his own. Jump on the Oliver Tank train right now and grab a good seat. A+

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