14 The Preatures Special Edition

What more is there to say about The Preatures? The Sydney quintet has been on our radar for over two years, releasing a steady stream of quality rock and roll that has only gotten better. Last week, the released their latest EP, Is This How You Feel?, featuring the critically acclaimed smash hit single of the same name. We thought it was high time we gave the rest of the world a proper primer on everyone’s favourite band, so we invited co-frontmen Gideon Bensen and Isabella Manfredi over to drink wine and discuss their writing and recording process, cameraphones at gigs and the fighting with your boyfriend over kitsch guitar parts. (more…)

13 The Yeezus Edition

Yeezus is probably the biggest thing to happen on planet Seidler since David got his driver’s license, so we’re dedicating an entire podcast to it. You’ve read the articles, you’ve seen the contributor list, but you’ve never heard Kanye’s sixth LP discussed quite like this. From race to sex, Hudson Mohawke to Nina Simone, The College Dropout to 808s and Heartbreaks, this is the definitive Kanye West retrospective from the only website to have been founded on his philosophy of ‘always doing more awesome.’ Learn about Rick Rubin, discover the deep dark twisted late night fantasies of a former backpack rapper, question whether he’s overtaken his mentor Jay-Z or picked up the radical politics of Lupe Fiasco and settle in for the wildest most unpredictable ride hip-hop can offer. We’re excited. You’re excited. Let’s do this. (more…)

12 The Jagwar Ma Special Edition

Jagwar Ma‘s stunning debut album, Howlin‘, has just dropped. We loved it so much we thought we’d corner the band and find out more about what we think will be one of the records of 2013. For our second exclusive artist-only podcast in collaboration with Future Classic, Jagwar writer/producer Jono Ma tells us all about marrying techno and Motown, why he’s jealous of Jamie xx’s stage set-up, how to make music for the iPod earbud generation and why being a ‘gear slut’ in the studio doesn’t always pay. (more…)

11 The Where The Hell Is David Edition

What is the right release model for music these days? Do leaks and advance streams ruin the fun? The second Seidler has disappeared, so Mark and Jonno stay up all night to get lucky and discuss the rise of Disclosure amid the furore surrounding Daft Punk’s latest record. We also take a look back at a Tensnake insta-classic, question whether Jamie Cullum has gone too far in appeasing mothers worldwide and backflip on our view on Justin Timberlake with his stunning ‘Blue Ocean Floor.’ (more…)

10 The Introducing Motez Edition

Adelaide’s Motez Obaidi first caught our attention with stunning remixes of Frank Ocean and Justin Timberlake, and soon followed it up with his own brilliant tracks that made us confident he was a sure bet. The Baghdad-born DJ is a house music devotee in a city renowned for hip-hop, championed by DJs across the country and indeed the world. He’s got a new EP on the way and has some great taste, so we thought we’d ask him to make us a mix of the music he likes to listen to at least once a day. It’s a juicy mesh of new and old, and exclusive to us. Plug it in, baby. (more…)

9 The O Soundtrack My Heart Edition

How important are film soundtracks to our perception of music? Can made-for-movie tracks transcend the blockbuster from whence they came? On the eve of the release of Baz Luhrman’s ‘Great Gatsby’, we take a look back at arguably one of his best films, ‘Romeo + Juliet’ and discuss what effect the silver screen has on our ears and our heartstrings. (more…)

8 The Flight Facilities Special Edition

Flight Facilities are moving so fast at the moment that sometimes it’s hard to keep up with them. Today we premiere our first artist-only podcast on the boys, which we made for Sydney-based record label Future Classic. (more…)

7 The Hashtags And Heartbreaks Edition

Is social media strangling music? This week we look at Mariah Carey, Thicke and Busta Rhymes’ recent #hashtag tracks and see if there’s something too all that chatter or if it’s just a way to keep the kids interested. We time travel back to Jonno’s first ever online writing with Midnight Juggernauts, learn about Polish-American models with Robin Thicke, make fun of Mark’s parents’ obsession with Simply Red and discuss why everyone’s taking a punt on Chance the Rapper. (more…)

6 The Rihanna Is My Elvis Edition

In light of Rihanna and Calvin Harris’ record breaking runs on both sides of the Atlantic, we look at chart figures and wonder what they even mean in the 21st century. After that we enjoy some vintage Gorillaz, meet the newest XXL freshman, Logic, teach Mark about Bill Withers and reminisce over Nike ads with JXL’s famed remix of Elvis’ ‘Little Less Conversation.’ (more…)

5 The Snorting Coke And What-Not Edition

Staring down the barrel of podcast No. 5, we confirm Jonno’s Splendour predictions and discuss the festival’s relevance, as well as having an exclusive chat with Danny Rogers, co-founder of St. Jerome’s Laneway Festval and manager of Gotye and The Temper Trap. After that we go balls-deep on our Classixx premiere, review the second coming of Josef Salvat, get sexy with Cassie’s mixtape and hopefully talk about PSY for the last time ever. (more…)

4 The Throwbacks Edition

For our fourth podcast, we try to figure out why skinny white bands are so obsessed with black music from the 90s. Using Coachella as our case study, we also look closer to home with Chet Faker’s cover of ‘No Diggity’. We then race across the Tasman to discover new wunderkind Lorde, get a second sensual serving of Rhye, fall back in love with The Preatures and reacquaint ourselves with one of the best one hit wonders ever, ‘Groove Is In The Heart.’ (more…)

3 The ADD Edition

For our third podcast, we look at Daft Punk, Major Lazer and The Knife and question how long is too long to wait between album releases in today’s attention-deficient culture. We also speculate as to how real Snoop Lion’s persona really is, discover bhangra music in Brooklyn, take a trip back to 1981 with Rick Springfield and relive 2006 with an epic Bang Gang remix of Lost Valentinos. (more…)

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