Big Boi - Shutterbug

September 23, 2011 | |

As with most great tales of great albums inevitably, greatly pushed off into the great abyss beyond, I am greatly craving Big Boi's (ie. one half of the insanely successful Southern hip-hop duo OutKast) forthcoming (here's hoping) 'Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Sun of Chico Dusty' - Antwan Patton's (you can understand why he chose Big Boi) first solo outing beyond myriad features - helping out everyone from Chris Breezy to Pharrell - to date. According to this industry source, we can expect the forever-and-a-day delayed album to finally drop on July 6 with hella mad features from T.I., B.o.B. and a whole host of other acronymed-named villains and superheroes. All that being said, with someone like Big Boi, you get the sense that he's got a bit of Dre-neuroticism about him, so we'll have to wait and see as to whether that release date sticks. Whenever and if ever we eventually do get Luscious Left Foot and his gang of contemporary hip-hop and RnB legends (Sleepy Brown and Jamie Foxx among those who shunned abbreviated nicknames but still reportedly feature on the album), going on the strength of this Scott Storch-produced first single, 'Shutterbug'. Storch, Canadian-born and allegedly one of the highest-paid producers in the game, has a knack for turning everything he touches into platinum/gold. On 'Shutterbug', he's steered Big Boi away from his crazier musical fantasies (see: OutKast's failed Idlewild album and film adaptation - the former, I still hold, was unfairly panned, and his 'Big' ballet production with the Atlanta ballet) and into something a little typically more mainstream but still boundary-nudging nonetheless. Where Andre 3K has always garnered most of the limelight in the group (see: dress sense, 'Hey Ya', brief film career), with Sir Luscious Left Foot, Big Boi is in with a definite shot to wrest some of that kudos back.Shutterbug is, without saying, an unusual song. But, thankfully for Big Boi and OutKast fans around the globe, it is not so unusual as to immediately alienate listeners. Instead, Shutterbug - and especially the a-capella driven bass-line (genius!) tends to grow on listeners and although initially a bit 'hard', the track softens out to offer a little something for every listener. As such, we get solid rap, awesome melodies, nice intertextual references (UGK, Wu Tang) and even some of the ol' vocoder (pulled off again, thankfully, with some taste). All that said, it's Storch's brilliance and Big Boi's persistence that make this track. The pace is cut-throat and never really slows up until the beat finally fades around 3'. Where 'Ghetto Musick' (off 2003's pseudo-solo 'Speakerboxxx') was a little to full-on for many, 'Shutterbug' is smooth, well-rounded and genuinely poppy enough to make it big. Whether it does or not, July 6 looks promising. Big Boi - Shutterbug...

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