The One Song Of The Year

One A Day is all about the feelings, sounds, riffs and beats that define our everyday lives. To that end, we eschewed the typical ‘Top 10 of Whatever Year It Is’ format and asked our MVPs for the One Song™ which defined their year. Many wrote back ‘this is really hard.’ One actually said ‘I hate you guys.’ So in the spirit of making enemies and alienating our friends, we give you to quintessential guide to that one thing that was better than all those other things in the year when the world didn’t quite end.

2013 Edition

You, Me and Everyone We Know



2012 Edition

Saturday, December 29: The Musicians

Sunday December 30: The Industry

Monday December 31: The Editors

2011 Edition

Thursday, December 29: The Industry

Friday, December 30: The Musicians

Saturday December 31: The Editors

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